ADM201 & ADM211 – A Note About My Notes

30 Mar
ADM201 & ADM211 – A Note About My Notes

While studying for my ADM201 and ADM211 certifications I made an extensive outline of the material I reviewed. The time I put into it served two purposes: to learn the material to pass the exams (duh! ūüėČ ), and to create a resource where I could easily look up answers to questions I may have on down the line.

I shared my ADM201 notes with a couple of my study group partners, and they indicated that they¬†really helped them as they were preparing for the exam. One even went so far as to say I could probably sell my outline¬†for a small charge, but not knowing how I was going to market it, and also not wanting to shoulder the responsibility of there being an error that could possibly lead someone astray, I’ve decided not to go that route.

Instead I’m going to publish¬†the notes¬†in this blog over the next few weeks…one post for each topic.


caveatAnd here is my caveat to anyone who chooses to use them: always do your own due diligence! If something doesn’t sound/look/feel right, research it! Do not take my notes as the end-all and be-all of¬†information about the platform and all the things that it can do!

Although I worked long and hard to ensure that I was as accurate as possible, there are a few factors that play a part in the possibility of problems with the notes: The first is that Salesforce is constantly changing. How many times a year are there updates? Three? Four? The number is beside the point–with every update things change, which may render portions of my notes obsolete.

And here’s a good one: when I took the ADM 201 exam (January, 2016) Lightning Experience was still very new and the exam did not cover Lightning-specific features. Since that time the expansion of Lightning has been exponential, and my notes may not cover these key features.

warningYet another reason that you should always do your own due diligence is that I was still pretty green when I worked through the ADM201 material. I was still learning Salesforce. But that statement would imply that one day you could possibly know everything there is to know about Salesforce. That’s laughable because Salesforce is always changing, so how could you possibly ever get to the end?! In a recent conversation I had with a 20+ year MVP veteran of Salesforce, he mentioned that just keeping up with the constant changes is a full-time job. So “buyer beware” that although I did my best to understand the material and translate it into an outline that makes sense to someone who is fairly new to the platform, I may not have understood the material correctly and as a consequence may not have translated it correctly.

Lastly, it is my intention to keep these notes, at least for a while, as a “work in progress” meaning that as I reference them and as I learn more nuances of the platform or there are changes, I’ll make adjustments here and there. That doesn’t mean that I’ll be on a constant look out for changes that need to be made. It means that I’ll make changes as I notice changes need to be made. ūüôā

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