Add Splash Page to Custom Object Tab

24 Mar
Add Splash Page to Custom Object Tab

Did you know that you can add a splash page to a tab for a custom object and that splash page can be an image, a video, or a URL? Well, you can. Here are some instructions for doing just that.

Note: This will only work on tabs for custom objects, and is not an option for standard objects.

Splash Page With URL

We’ll start here because it’s a simple two-step process:

  1. Create a Custom Link
  2. Add that link to the Tab of a custom object

Create a Custom Link

  • From Setup go to Customize > Home > Custom Links
    • Setup > Customize > Home > Custom Links
  • Click the New button and enter a Label and Name for your link
  • Select the behavior for the window that will display the website
  • Paste the URL for the site into the formula area
    • Setup ></dt><dd class=


Add Custom Link to Custom Tab

  • Now go to Setup > Customize > Create > Tabs
  • Select a Tab and click Edit
    • Custom Object Tabs
  • In the Splash Page Custom Link drop-down box, select the Custom Link you created in the first step and click Save
    • Custom Tab Definition
  • Here is the resulting splash page:
    • URL Splash Page Result
  • To move past the splash page to the object, click the “Continue” button on the lower right corner of the page


Splash Page to Image or Video

If you want an image or a video to show on the splash page instead of a URL to a website, there is one additional preliminary step to take: create a Static Resource that stores the item you want displayed.

  1. Create a Static Resource
  2. Create a Custom Link to the Static Resource
  3. Add the Custom Link to the Tab of a custom object

Create a Static Resource

  • From Setup, go to Develop > Static Resources and click the New button
    • Setup &gt; Develop &gt; Static Resources
  • Enter a Name and select a file from your computer to upload into the Static Resource, then click Save
    • Static Resource Setup
  • On the detail page for the Static Resource, right click on the “View file” link and select “Copy link address.” This puts a copy of the link address onto the clipboard.
    • Get Link to Static Resource


Create a Custom Link and Add It to a Tab

  • Now got to Customize > Home > Custom Links and create a Custom Link as before and paste the link (which is on the clipboard) into the formula area
    • Link to Static Resource
  • Finally, go to Customize > Create > Tabs, select a Tab, and for the Splash Page Custom Link, select your new Custom Link
    • Custom Tab Definition
  • The Result:
    • Splash Page with Image


Side Note

When you create a link to a Static Image there is a “time stamp” included in the link. In this example the time stamp is “1458846290000.” The time stamp does not need to be included in the link for this solution to work.

Custom Link With Time Stamp

Custom Link With Time Stamp

Custom Link Without Time Stamp

Custom Link Without Time Stamp


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