Flow Organization – Labeling Flow Areas

26 Nov
Flow Organization – Labeling Flow Areas

Coming back to a complex flow after being away from it for a time will challenge you to remember what your logic was at the time you constructed it. If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time figuring out what your flow does…you just want to fix what is broken, or add what needs to be added, then get on with your day.

I wrote a while back about grouping flow elements and about reducing the number of long arrows by using a “dummy” element to reduce multiple arrows down to one to help with organizing and understanding your flow. Here is another tip for knowing what a section of your flow does without having to click on anything.

“Label” Flow Elements

Create a “dummy” element to label a section of your flow. Here is an example of a label that tells me I’m entering the section of the flow that creates a new Asset:

Labeling Element

Labeling Element


The element itself doesn’t do anything. It’s just an assignment of a variable to itself. Additionally, I’ve created a “dummy” variable that is used only in these “dummy” elements.

Dummy Assignment Element

Dummy Assignment Element


In a really complex flow, scattering these labels about here and there may really help with quickly getting a grasp of what your flow is doing.


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