Restore Deleted Items in Visual Flow

14 Nov
Restore Deleted Items in Visual Flow

Have you ever experienced that gut-wrenching moment when you’ve been working diligently on a project for who knows how long, then all of a sudden you discover that a bunch of stuff is missing from your flow?

If not, you are one luck guy/gal and I want to know your Lotto number picks!

What happens to me every so often is the Cloud Flow Designer will not “unselect” an element when I move to another element.

Here is an example where several elements are highlighted in green indicating they’re all selected:

Flow Before Delete

Flow Before Delete

My intention was to delete the Decision element in the middle of this example ONLY. But after I hit the delete button, this is what I had:

Flow After Delete

Flow After Delete

Woah!  Waaayyy too many elements went missing!

Undelete to the Rescue

Luckily there is a handy-dandy “Back” button that will restore everything you have done since your last save:

Tool Bar with Back Button

Tool Bar with Back Button


What to Do if the Cloud Flow Designer is Not Unselecting Elements

If you double click on the flow screen the elements will unselect. While this will suffice some of the time, if you’re busy organizing your elements it can be super annoying to have to double click the screen after each move.

The only solution I have found is to reset the flow designer by closing out and then going back into your flow (be sure to save your work first!). Yeah, a little annoying, but much less aggravating than constantly double clicking!

One caveat: The back button will only work if you have not saved your flow. I’m sorry to say that if you saved your flow, you’ll have to re-create your lost work. ‘Hope this never happens to you!  🙂

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