Flow Organization – Grouping Flow Elements

04 Nov
Flow Organization – Grouping Flow Elements

One of the most dumbfounding things that I’ve observed about myself and programming is that I may know the program inside and out while writing it, but when I come back to it after a week or two has elapsed I have struggle to remember what is going on. And I don’t even want to begin talking about what it’s like after a month or more!

Of course I know that I should document, document, document so I can avoid spending inordinate amounts of time refreshing my memory about the details of a flow…not to mention that if another administrator comes along they will need to know what I did and why so they can effectively manage the org.

So over time I’m slowly developing efficient documentation practices. I still don’t have it all down pat, but there are a few things I’ve got going on that are working pretty darn good. Here is one of my first tips.

Grouping Flow Elements

Although keeping even small flows organized is a good practice, when you create a large flow it is a must…at least if you ever want to manage it with any efficacy.

Large Flow

Large Flow

A strategy that I have found to be quite useful is to group all the elements that handle a section of the flow logic together. I’ll often end up having several groups of elements, each representing a new section of logic in the flow.

Element Groupings

Element Groupings

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